love for the game: volleyball

I had a reminiscing moment earlier, while watching the game between Petron Blaze Spiker and RC Cola Air force. Seeing Wendy Semana, Maika Morada, reminded me of my college days. Yes, that was almost 8 years ago. I was in my final year when I start watching them play. They were playing at FEU team that time. And until now, they are sill playing.

Im really rooting for Semana’s team (RC Cola) but I also like Petron. I like Semana because of her ability as a setter. She’s really good. And I say I kinda miss the way she play. Anyway, I watched the live game earlier because Im really fascinated of Erica Adachi(guest player of Petron Team). She’s really good as a setter. So I opted to watch it, live. Yes, she’s really good. Its like a magic. She really connects to her team. Its like she already knows who will make the score.

Earlier, I was about to take a picture of them as they play but I decided not to do it. I went there to watch and appreciate their effort in the game. So that’s what I did. Its lame, I know. But in the end I enjoyed it even though I went alone.

I just hope, lot of Filipinos will appreciate this game. And an official organization and league will emerge for the volleyball game in the Philippines.

Students in now a days

Studying should be the habit of every students. Teachers should not always give reminders to the student for them to study. It should be the second nature from them to study, time to time.

When they got home from school, they should take initiative to open their books, to work on their assignment and to read some notes from the lecture they had.

But in this generation, it seems that studying become a less priority of the students. They tend to cram when deadlines are near.

As a teacher, we should enforce to student the importance of education for their future


Early morning


I am a commuter. Everyday, I commute to go to work. I live in a city but working in the province. It takes me two hours before I reach my workplace.

This picture was taken early in the morning while traveling.  It seems a routine but everyday, I got to experience different situations and moods.

Its kinda expensive but somehow its all worh it.

Why we work

Some says, you are working because you need money to sustain your needs. You dragged yourself to work everyday because you need to not because you want it.

When was the last time you work because you enjoyed it? We rarely remember that working should give us fun and makes us smile because it is our choice. Its our decision and we should take responsibility with it.

Have fun and enjoy your life.

My fist love but not that kind of love

For an ordinary person like me, a ticket liked the wicked cost so much. But this time I didnt think twice to purchase the ticket. Yes its expensive but hey,this is my first love.

I remember during high school,every year we have to put a stage play. Four years in a row. During that time, I have a stage fear and lets say I dont have a talent at all in acting. But somehow I felt an attachment in theatre. I told myself that I need to part in our play. So I landed on the technical part.

First year, I helped making the back draft. Painting on the roof top. I had no idea at all how to paint but I guess I learned something by experimenting. Anyway, I upgraded on my second year. I was assigned to make the props. So I happily did my task and when im done I tried helping the others. I dont know how they have known that I drew,paint or whatever. They insisted that I should make our poster. Well I tried and they liked it. So the first drawing I made using charcoal was posted on the entrance gate. Well third year was not that exciting. But still i make sure that i got involve in a stage play. And of course it still mgking props.

For fourth year, i got a little part like i will be seen on the stage for about five minutes. But hey its so exhilarating.

As you can see I fell in love in theatre. I feel connected to it. But in real life not everyone can have their happy ending.

My family are not rich. Focusing on arts is not tolerated in my family. There are no future there, as what I have been told. So guess what? Now im an engineer. No relationship at all with my first love.

But I was happy in my stint in engineering. And my friends and I collaborated in a play. I managed to make a script. And somehow directed that play.

Anyhow, watching elphaba belting out her defying gravity and galinda’s perkiness awaken my love in theatre.

Watching jemma rix,suzie mathers portraying elpahaba and galinda on wicked makes me dream again. And maybe it will to reality.

Fanfiction PDF Download

Fanfiction PDF Download

Finally! I finished developing this site. The reason i created the site? Its just, I love reading. And one time i accidentally found I might say that there’s a lot of awesome author.

Anyway, when fanfiction disabled copying the content of a story, i kinda feel bad about it. Because i tend to copy and paste it so that i might be able to save it as a PDF file.

And then, i developed 

Its just a simple website, where you can read the story and convert it to PDF format.

And recently, i added an encryption to the pdf format. I seriously respect the authors from

Hopefully, this site might be able to help someone, (who likes me) that love to read.

Midyear Prayer and Fasting: Day1

Day 1.

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.

Acts 13:2,3


I already received my caling and my purpose but as I walked my journey, i was led astray. I turned my back and forgotten my calling to serve the Lord.

But today oh Lord, I pray and seek for your guidance and to hear your voice. Lord, here I am, use me Lord and help me to fulfill my purpose. Here I am once again, but I pray that this time i will not turn my back to you Lord.

MasterChef USA season 4: Kathy Prieto

She just always stood out when i watched masterchef. Its always a feeling of sympathy for her because when they are in a team challenge, she was always picked last by the team leader. It’s like I want to cheer for her. Make a something good so that they see her as a competitor.

I think she was one of the contestant who went a lot of under pressure. It might shape her character in  term of cooking. I might not be a good cook but I can see the passion on her.

Hopefully she will continue cooking and follow her dream as a cook.

Gordom Ramsey saw something in you girl so keep on walking. 🙂